Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Flexitarianism

Many of the health and fitness blogs I visit are written by those who are vegetarian or vegan. I love seafood too much to ever give up meat entirely, but the more I think about it, the more I realize: I'm halfway to vegetarianism already!

At best, I think I could easily become a flexitarian with an emphasis in pescatarianism, maybe pollo-pescatarianism... but why complicate the terminology?

When I visit my parents, and if they cook me a steak, I'll eat it, certainly. I'll still take part in chili cook-offs at work. I prefer chicken sandwiches to hamburgers as it is. And of course, I will never, ever give up sushi or any other seafood for the life of me.

So, flexitarianism it is, then!

As proof of my limited meat diet, here is my typical dinner (which I had tonight): poached egg sandwich on flatbread, a spinach salad with mozzarella (usually this is feta cheese instead), cherry tomatoes, and bacon bits (which I will give up as soon as I finish off what I have), and some seedless red grapes. The bacon bits is typically all the meat I eat in a single day.

And for dessert, some Nutella-blackberry-blueberry crepes! I didn't make the crepes from scratch; I found these amazing things in the produce section at King Sooper's:

Eventually I'll learn how to make these things from scratch!

Why do I want to limit my meat intake? A part of it is financial; I have found that vegetarian options tend to be cheaper than their meat counterparts. Another part of it is a product of my laziness: I do not want to cook meat. It is much too much trouble (says the woman who takes entire afternoons to bake). The third part is a health choice: I get plenty of protein without meat. The fourth is just to make my current diet a permanent one. And finally, a part of it is a little bit ethical. I haven't read in any sort of detail about the slaughtering of animals, but I do know that they are mistreated horribly.

In the end, it's not really going to be a huge lifestyle change for me. I'll just be more conscientious when I go out to eat, either at a restaurant or a friend's house, to choose the vegetarian dishes over anything with meat, unless, of course, I'm out for sushi. I'll be able to do this, easily!

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