Thursday, April 21, 2011

And a Clean Kitchen Gone Messy. Again.

Every Friday at work, we have a meeting, and one member of the team is in charge of bringing food for that week. This week, it's my turn, and being the baking fanatic that I am, decided to try a recipe that was part of the Top 9 at FoodBuzz a few days ago:

A cooking blunder and a third trip to the store later (note to self: ALWAYS check to make sure you have all the required ingredients before cooking, and baking soda =/= baking powder!), I somehow managed to pull it off. It's not too bad, if I say so myself. I only hope I made enough for everyone. I'll probably stop by the store on the way to work tomorrow to pick up some brownies just in case.

I've also discovered the beauty of simplicity: my salad tonight was spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, bacon bits, and a little bit of Italian dressing, and the plate looked beautiful. I made it again for lunch tomorrow (minus the dressing), and am I excited for it!

Making your own dinners is supremely satisfying!

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