Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Bit on Running

Second week of the Rock Bottom Running Club was met with the second week in a row of rain. This time, the rain was cold, but it actually felt really nice.

Again, I wound up doing the 3K run instead of the 5K, but the biggest reason for that is that I want these Wednesday runs, at least for a little while, to be more about running with friends than working myself too hard. Right now, of all my friends doing the run, one does the 5K but he is twice as fast as I am at least, whereas my other friends do the 3K. One of them runs at about the same pace as I do, so it works. Besides, what good is exercising if you don't have fun with it, at least every once in a while!

Also, note to self: man up and run, no matter how cold it is outside. I didn't do my morning run today because it was near freezing, and I did not much relish the idea of freezing for 45 minutes. It's supposed to warm up considerably tonight, at least. That's good news, so when I get off work I'll get out there to do my four miles. Ugh, I can't wait until the sun comes up before 6am and the coldest temperature of the day doesn't dip below the 50s.

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