Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tomorrow: A Run in the Snow After All

Hello there, uterus. We meet again.

My attempt at my 8-mile run did not go so well, and I plan on hitting the gym sometime before my friend's housewarming party later tonight to lift some weights and work on the push-ups and squats. My menstrual cramps are always about this bad: I can make it out for maybe a mile before I'm doubling over on the side of the road in pain and nauseated.

This time, I hoped to prevent that by doing three specific things: I took a couple of pills of Extra Strength Tylenol, I put a heating pad on my abdomen, and I ate a banana (since one of the benefits--theoretically--is that it helps relieve the pain of an angry uterus). None of that worked, and I came trudging home thinking of ways to make running in 30-degree snowy weather less awful. Mostly, though, I think I just need to suck it up and just run it tomorrow. I need this long run, since I didn't do one last week.

Hopefully weights are low impact enough that I can manage, but even just sitting on my couch all day so far, I've been curled up in pain. Luckily, after tonight this should pass; if this lasted any longer than a day I would bother my doctor about prescription painkillers.

But this answers all my questions about why I've been feeling so down in the dumps all week. Oh, periods. Why do you have to mess with my hormones so?

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