Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30 to 30

As promised, my 30 Goals to 30, everything I want to accomplish in the next six years:
  1. Get a job working on interplanetary satellites.
  2. Live in Japan for 1-2 years.
  3. Go to Italy.
  4. Run a marathon. (This October!)
  5. Relearn the piano. (Working on it! Measure of success: learning a classical piece)
  6. Watch all movies that won the Academy Award for Best Picture. (Working on it: 19 of 83)
  7. Complete NaNoWriMo. (Maybe this November?)
  8. Complete a sprint triathlon.
  9. Find an outlet for consistent speaking of Japanese. (Lessons every Tuesday evening.)
  10. Join a club/organization that aligns with interests. (Rock Bottom Running Club!)
  11. Complete a 1000+ piece puzzle.
  12. Learn a new artistic skill.
  13. Learn a new “technical” skill. (Unix and SQL)
  14. Get a master’s degree.
  15. Read 100+ novels. (Working on it! The count starts this year (2011). 6 of 100)
  16. Vacation in Hawaii.
  17. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  18. See a show on Broadway.
  19. Learn Italian. (Working on it! Measure of success: can I hold a basic conversation?)
  20. Learn American Sign Language.
  21. Visit all 50 states. (35/50 - 70% of the way there!)
  22. Pay off all student loans. (Working on it!)
  23. Move out of the parents’ house/be completely financially independent. (Done!)
  24. Achieve these PRs:
    5K: Sub-25 minute
    10K: Sub-50 minute
    Half: Sub-2 hour
  25. Learn how to cook. (Done!)
  26. Go on a cruise.
  27. Write a novel.
  28. Move back to Denver.
  29. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours.
  30. … Get married?
The last one is a more tentative goal while I figure out if that's a future I even want, but I'm young, I have time. I guess step one is finding the right person, which I'm just not ready for yet.

The rest, well. This is what my New Year's resolutions will be based off of. Of course, these goals are subject to change based on how I grow and mature and how life in general goes, but if I can accomplish a good portion of these, I will consider it a success.

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