Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Daily Mile

Earlier today, I signed up for the Daily Mile. Here is my profile, backdated to Sunday so that all my runs in May are recorded. Of all the run tracking apps I've used, I like this one the most, so far. It's super user-friendly and without too many bells and whistles. It's like old Facebook but for keeping track of your workouts!

I did the 5K at the Rock Bottom Running Club today, and it was really nice! The course started off uphill and ended downhill, which is a nice change from my neighborhood run, which start downhill and end uphill. The woes of living on top of a hill. The only real complaint I had with the run was the wind, which made me wish I wore pants in what would have otherwise been perfect shorts weather. Also, I took a wrong turn near the end, which increased my run, but I'm not so upset about that. Nothing wrong with running a little extra, after all!

I'm thinking that soon, I'll be adding pictures to this blog. No idea what of, yet. I guess it depends on the topic!

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