Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Other Side of Racing

I strongly believe that for every ten races you run, you should volunteer at at least one. I've run at least 15 races since I started in 2009, so I was long overdue to put in my hours. Yesterday, I volunteered at a 5K in City Park.

I worked the finish line handing out free water bottles to the racers, and I helped tear down everything once everybody came in. It was funner than I expected! All the volunteers were in good spirits and smiling and congratulating everyone who came in, and I was able to see parts of the race I've never seen: the lead vehicle rolling in, the first finisher crossing the line, and everybody's reactions to completing the race. There were people running with friends, people running with a buddy who had just completed his or her first 5K, people happy to just finish, people struggling over the finish line, etc. I definitely look forward to my next volunteering adventure!

For breakfast this morning, I decided to break out of my normal milk and cereal and try to whip something up. I made two items: a southwestern omelet and a strawberry Nutella quinoa crepe.

The omelet was made using one organic egg, a half tablespoon of original Silk, and a sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese. Once I took it off the skillet, I put some leftover black beans and corn and a tablespoon of salsa for flavor. Not too bad!

The crepe was easy enough to make. I used this recipe for the quinoa, which gave the crepe that extra flavor and crunch to make it absolutely delicious.

Success in the kitchen, and I can safely say now that I know how to cook. Now, it's time for my "long" run!

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