Saturday, June 25, 2011

9 Mile Run!

Because tonight is Julia's wedding, there is a good chance that tomorrow I won't be able to wake up early enough to beat the heat for my 9 mile run. So, I did it today instead.

I woke up to my cat begging for food around 5:00am. (This is why I don't really need an alarm clock.) I ate a Power Bar that I received at the Bolder Boulder about a month ago for pre-run fuel before dressing into my running clothes and stretching.

I didn't think to nab a picture until after I had it devoured. Hey, it was five in the morning! It was pretty tasty, I'll admit, and it did the trick!

The weather was overcast but humid, which is admittedly odd for Colorado but very welcome for this run. With a full water bottle in hand, I set out for the run.

About a couple of miles in, I started to feel the symptoms of menstrual cramps. I scowled and wondered if that meant I should stop, but then I remembered the lesson I learned from the Bolder Boulder about such things and then I realized that it was still a week too early. And so, I pushed through it. The pain eventually went away. (This is usually my tactic if something starts feeling weird or painful. Push through it and if it goes away within a mile or two, great! If it doesn't, it's time to evaluate.)

After a while, I just got in the zone, but I was still huffing and puffing enough to know that I wasn't doing a leisure jog; I was really working! And there were a lot of people out and about at 6am, too, running, walking their dogs, taking a walk, etc. It made me feel like I was part of something!

My average time for the run was about 10:30. Nice! But this is also my average pace for shorter runs. I keep saying I need to start pushing myself on those runs. I'll come up with a game plan for it soon enough.

When I finished, I took out an egg from the refrigerator and had no idea what to do with it. Hard boil, fry it up, scramble, poach? Then my father pulled out a small egg poacher he bought; this thing is nice! I may have to get one myself!

Perfectly shaped poached eggs! Better than anything I've ever been able to do myself.

My post-run breakfast was this on top of toasted rye bread, Greek yogurt, and Silk chocolate.

Good, protein-filled breakfast!

And now, the German festival, and then getting ready for Julia's wedding!

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