Friday, June 3, 2011

I have a Garmin

As I was getting ready to start up Day 3 of the 30 Day Shred, I came to my yoga mat (which I am doubling as my exercise mat) to this.

Luckily, the first part of the workout didn't require me to go on the mat, and all the moving around I did by the time I had to lay down on it was enough to convince Sunny to find some place else to chill. This is why sometimes working out at a gym instead of at home is a better idea.

As far as the knee problems go: it was just for Wednesday, apparently, but enough to make me take it easy for my runs yesterday and this morning. I was actually surprised by my time this morning; same route as I do every Friday, but only three seconds slower than last week when I was pushing myself to go faster! Granted, today I did try a couple of fartleks, but that didn't happen until halfway through. Nice!

But my experience this morning did convince me to buy a Garmin watch, finally. I couldn't find a 305 anywhere, but I've heard a lot of good things about the 110, too, so I bought that instead.

Yes, that would be the plastic still on the display. Still, though, I'm excited for this watch: it doesn't have a lot of frills with it and exactly everything I want with a GPS watch: distance, pace, and of course total time. Which means I don't have to plan out my 6-mile run tomorrow; I can just go out and run!

I tried out a new recipe yesterday, but I can't figure out where I saw the original, and I don't have any pictures of the final product. I'll probably have it at least one more time this weekend, so I'll get it together then. But it was very delicious and definitely becoming part of my regular repertoire of dishes!

Also, this morning, the scale made me extraordinarily happy: 120.8! I'm officially back to my high school weight. It's a wonderful feeling.

Finally, a friend of mine from the drum corps I marched is keeping a blog about the corps' progress through the summer. Check it out! I'm really excited that I have a way to keep in touch with the corps as I get further and further away from my age-out year and I know less and less people marching.

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