Saturday, June 4, 2011

My New Friend vs. My New Archnemesis

I love my Garmin! I took it out for a spin this morning, and it was wonderful being able to look at my pace, have the watch automatically tell me my splits, and most of all, knowing exactly the distance I ran. What's even better? Instant results after the run to see all the stats, including the one that really affected me today: elevation change.

That hill between 3.5 mi and 4.5 mi was a killer! I thought the hills in Boulder were bad, but they're nothing compared to the one by my apartment complex. I wound up run/walking it, which means I wound up walking most of it. New summer running goal: conquer that thing!

Speaking of, I do have some summer fitness goals (what can I say, nothing makes me feel better than setting goals and achieving them). The deadline to achieve these are the end of August.
  • Get a 5K PR. 29:23 is my current PR for a 5K, which means I need to get 29:22 or faster. Once I determine the race I want to run for this, I will aim to run it in under 29 minutes for insurance.
  • Be able to swim half a sprint triathlon distance. That would mean I would need to swim 375 meters. I don't know how many laps this is at my gym's pool yet, but if I had to guess, I would have to do somewhere between 10-15 laps. Yikes! Here's to hoping I can at least do one tomorrow! (Yes, this will include breaks!)
  • Workout twice a day. Yes, I'm still taking rest days. It's ridiculous not to; muscles need to recuperate. But the days I do workout will include an AM and a PM regime.
  • Keep on track of my marathon training plan. I'll continue to listen to my body, but I will not make excuses for not going on a long run, etc. If the Bolder Boulder taught me anything, it's that excuses get me nowhere.
  • Conquer the hill. Need I say more?
That's about the gist of it!

I do have more to say, but I have some errands to run before the wedding tonight. Leave it to me to wait until the last minute to buy a gift!

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