Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hilly 12 Miles

Today I was supposed to do a 13-mile run, but considering this:

Elevation Gain:1,173 ft
Elevation Loss:1,166 ft
I think doing 12 miles was impressive enough! This is on top of going to Pikes Peak with my parents later this afternoon, too.

I fueled up with an Amazing Grass Organic Green SuperFood energy bar, which, admittedly, I didn't find too tasty, but it helped me get through the hills pretty well. I don't think I'll prefuel with that anymore, though, if only because I didn't like the taste of it. Maybe I should keep to the biscotti and banana that I ran the Colfax on.

One of the things I made absolutely sure to do was not focusing on my overall time or pace. In order to prevent this, I taped over that part of my Garmin.

This way, every time I glanced down at my watch, all I saw was the distance traveled. It was very helpful, and it allowed me to walk up the steeper uphills when I needed to, guilt-free. I only had to do it three times, which was pretty impressive considering how numerous and how steep many of these hills were!

Considering the hills, I think finishing in 2:15:19 was pretty impressive. That's an average pace of 11:19. While training on hills is good, I need to find flatter land. I don't think the Rock and Roll is going to be nearly this hilly.

After the run, I decided to try my hand at making an okra-salmon omelette. It... turned into a scramble instead.

Truth be told, this was actually really good! Take two eggs, whisk it with a tablespoon or two of Silk, and fry it up with okra, salmon, and feta cheese. Salt and pepper to taste, and voila!

Now, to finish getting the apartment cleaned up before my parents arrive!

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