Friday, July 15, 2011

Limited Junk Food Challenge

After stepping on the scale at the end of June and seeing a 5-lb increase, I knew it was time to do things a little bit differently. And so, I instilled for myself a Limited Junk Food Challenge for July. These are rules I should be following anyway, but I will be particularly harsh on myself for the month of July.
  1. No candy! This includes chocolate bars.
  2. No more than 300 calories worth of cookies a week.
  3. Dessert (including cake and ice cream) for special occasions and outings with friends only.
  4. Non-water drinks are for social outings only.
  5. No chips.
  6. Hungry? Take a walk before looking for a snack.
  7. If still hungry after walk, fruits and vegetables to nom on, only!
After July, I'll be less strict on myself, but I'll figure out the Rules for Life later. This is a good enough start for now as I figure out what's too extreme. #1 and #5 seem to be that, but it's been really easy turning them down, except when #6 and #7 come into play, especially during the afternoon crash. I do miss getting an easy chocolate fix when I get my cravings, but it's also keeping my cravings under control.

#2 is the one, true allowance I give myself. I would put it under the dessert rules, except cookies are more snacks than dessert. Anyway, I don't want to be too restrictive in fear of overeating in August!

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