Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Healthy Eating is Expensive!

I've gone grocery shopping once a week for the past three or four weeks, and the healthier I try to make my food, the more money I wind up spending!

I remember back in college, I would spend maaaaaybe $50 a month on groceries. But back then, I was eating much less healthier, and eating out more. The only vegetables I'd get in my system in any given week is my twice a week trip to the campus cafeteria's salad bar. Three to five times a week, I'd find myself at a local sub shop for lunch/dinner (linner? dunch?). For a quick fix, I'd eat a candy bar.

Most days, I would eat only 1-2 meals. Tops. Unless my parents were coming to visit, of course.

But! Now I'm out of college and eating healthier and healthier by the week. Lurking around FoodBuzz is making me itchy to start cooking more often. More importantly--I'm making way, WAY more money than I was in college, which means I don't have to be so alarmed by the amount I'm spending in groceries.

Now, pretty soon, once I stack up my non-perishables and once I get into a groove of what I'll eat in a week and what I won't, I expect my grocery bill to go down. But for now... I can do this. Until I start frequenting Whole Foods again, anyway.

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