Saturday, April 16, 2011

Body Measurements: True Initial Numbers

Scratch Wednesday's measurements, because they were taken a different time of a day than I will be doing them from now on. Every Saturday morning, before breakfast, is when I will be doing it from now on.

Weight: 125.2 lbs
Body Fat: 27.1%
Body Water: 53.3%
Muscle: 35.9%
Waist Circumference: 29"

So, now it's time to wonder what to do differently. The little bit of apparent weight gain, I am not too terribly concerned about: weight fluctuates up to a couple of pounds in a single day based on many factors, and my body fat percentage is down and muscle percentage is up from the last time it was measured.

To see if my meal plan is working, I think I want to keep at it for one more week. Plus, I still have plenty of Yoplait Delights and Special K cereal bars left over, anyway. I'll change up the cereal (same brand, different flavor, or different healthy brand) and yogurt, and I'll start bringing in homemade salads to work instead of buying from the cafeteria, since with my salads I get more food with less calories (plus, I can save money). Maybe instead of just carrot sticks, I'll try to eat more variety of vegetables in the afternoon. I do like peppers.

Dinners are still where I'm going to eat most of my calories in a day, but I'll figure out that menu later tonight.

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