Thursday, April 28, 2011

For a Friend

Yesterday was Wednesday, which means it was another week of the Rock Bottom Running Club! This time, I really didn't intend to run with people, just run, since this "down in the dumps" feeling I've been experiencing all week has been absolutely awful and I thought maybe a good solo run would do the trick. I've concluded that my down days is now for one of two reasons: I really am getting sick (I felt dehydrated even though I'd been guzzling water all day like nobody's business--at least 100 oz by the time I started to run!), or it's that time of month.

Eventually, I caught up to one of my work friends, who was part-jogging, part-walking the thing. I jogged next to her for a bit to chat and eventually wound up jog/walking with her the rest of the way. She just went through a break-up with her boyfriend and has had a stressful week trying to find a new place to live and getting all the logistics set up, and I hope that my presence during the route was at least helpful as she vented to me some more.

In any case, as much as I have hated myself for sub-par workouts and over-indulging in cookie dough this week, at least I put one thing in perspective yesterday: friendship is more important than exercising. I like to think that having a friend with her helped.

Next week, I'm going to attempt the 5K. After all, next weekend is my last long run before the half marathon, so I might as well up the mileage for the Wednesday runs at least. Maybe for the morning runs on Tuesday and Thursday, too.

Today, after work, it's 4 miles and some dips and sit-ups. Another weigh-in on Saturday or Sunday... but a part of me is telling me that due to this week's awfulness, I should hold off on that until next weekend. We'll see.

Maybe it's time for another read-through of Operation Beautiful. If this depression is purely the cold/flu that's been going around the office, fine, but that doesn't mean I have to feel emotionally crappy. If it's something else, I definitely need some positive words and positive thinking, especially since I'm on the precipice of self-hatred again.

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