Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy Father's Day Weekend

My weekend in a nutshell:


Before we went to the baseball game, we stopped in at the Chophouse and Tavern and had many, many appetizers.

The crabcake was, as my mother put it, "the best crabcake ever." It was more crab than cake, and it was just delicious! (Sorry for the poor image quality; the lighting was not so good for picture taking!) The spinach artichoke dip and the portabello mushroom were also very, very good. I also got into a happy place with this martini:

That is not salt lining the glass; those are pop rocks! It was the best part of the drink. Honestly, I didn't care for the drink itself to much (it tasted like cough syrup), but it was enough to put in me a happy place for the start of the game.

My parents and I are huge baseball fans, so this was the true Father's Day present, even though we sat among the Detroit fans. It wasn't so bad, though; the first inning was pretty brutal for the Rockies, the second and third innings? Yes! That is what baseball is all about!

One of the things we like to do is to wander the ballpark during the middle third of the game. They opened up a tequila bar out in the centerfield stands that sold purple margaritas, and not only were they super strong but very, very yummy!

Saturday started off with a nice swim at the gym, plus hot strength training in the sauna while I waited for the water aerobics class to finish. Lesson learned: always check the class schedules before heading out! Still, it was a nice workout that felt great.

Upon returning home and a quick lunch, the parents and I went out to see Rock of Ages!

It was definitely a fun show with much breaking down of the fourth wall. When well done, it can be the most hilariously wonderful thing on stage, and it was most certainly well done! (By the way, yes, that is opera balcony seats we have there! It was awesome! No tall people to get in our view of the stage!)

On our way home, we stopped in at the Greek festival, where we had lots of amazing good food and some ouzo and a tour inside of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Desserts to take home. We were stuffed!
Have I ever said how much I love Greek food? Because I really love Greek food. So much so that we bought a Greek cookbook so I can start making it for myself. Once I master the art of kourabiethes, I will be the best baker my friends have ever known!

Now, all the walking around on Friday and Saturday left me utterly exhausted Sunday morning, so I didn't do my 5 mile run, opting instead to sleep for an extra hour or two before I had to meet up with some friends for the Pride Fest parade!


Here's the thing about this blog--I promised myself that this would never get political or religious. But understand that I don't necessarily see LGBT rights as political as I do simple human rights. In any case, I may have an entry discussing my own sexuality someday, but know this only for now: YES, I am a HUGE supporter of LGBT rights, and I am very passionate about it.

Nonetheless, the parade and the festival were immense amounts of fun. I couldn't even get upset about the protesters (such hateful words!) not only because of the counter-protesters but because of how the crowd responded to them in general. The only sign that really grinded on my nerves was one that read: "Diversity is perversity." Wow. Way to not only be homophobic but racist, anti-Semitic, among other things. (I had to resist the urge to engage the protesters with, "So you're also offended that I'm biracial?")

Overall, it was a great, wonderful, albeit exhausting weekend. I look forward to a breather!

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